Start Writing (again) . . .

me and my favourite macaroni

It’s a long time for me not to make some note. Yeah, due to the assignment given by my lecturer to write a personal journal, so now I want to start writing (again). Honestly, I don’t really understand the exact task, hahaha, because I didn’t go to his class today. I felt so tired today, after having broadcast I went to my bed (supposed to be) for a while, I thought it’s enough to have a little rest for 7 – 8 a.m., unfortunately It ain’t enough at all. I woke up at noon, 12 a.m., how a long rest it was. I had too much things to do yesterday, but I think today’s-long-nap really enough for curing my tiredness.

I’m having broadcast on “Most Wanted” (my radio program) while writing this journal. I just breaking my fasting day with my boarding house friend. I waited for so long to have my meal on Mr. Samsam cafe. But It was nice to be gathered with my boarding-house friends, as I really seldom stay there, hehehehe piss “Aziz, Evan, Imam, Sigit”. Anyway, I think I need another menu after having broadcast, fried rice could be nice for my late dinner, because I need a longer sleep tonight, so I won’t have my Sahur.

p.s. : Regarding the assignment from my Lecturer, please text me if there’s any errors, OK !


~ by owbertku on September 9, 2009.

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