Finally, I’ve got some fun . . .

As usual, I’m having my show on the radio while typing this journal. While listening to the song from D’masiv, Jangan Menyerah. Honestly, I am the one who hate D’masiv, don’t ask me why because I don’t know either, but not for this song. After seeing the video clip, I fell in love suddenly. There were some tears on my face at that time, I don’t know but it was really moving. Just like this morning, it was a very perfect morning. Since I was child, I love a rainy morning. That was raining when I have my Morning Power Light (my morning radio show). I enjoyed it so much, until finally someone send me a newspaper. I wondered, he let his body got in wet, while the newspapers for his customer protected by his coat. I don’t know, whether or not my smile is enough to make him kept in warm. I opened my eyes suddenly, how he respecting me and other customers as his King, while I (and maybe some others) not really care of that, what I know is that the newspaper should be on my Office before 7, without considering his sacrifice. I recalled how I always got angry when there were some (even) little lateness. Now, I know how much you serve me your best.

As usual, I got a hurry-morning today, having bath while broadcasting, and go to my hot campus at 7 a.m. after closing my Morning Power Light. There was a terrible jam on my way, how amazing it was, how a small town like Purwokerto has some jams on its traffic. (again) I came late on my Listening class, and I was not alone, there were 5 others students. We sang a song first, for about 15 minutes in front of the class, and finally the lecturer closed the class before we did something, because the technical problem on the cassette, how poor I was this morning. I was trying to remember how sufficient the facilities that my Senior High School has, and I compared it with what I have today. But I looked forward, I tried to enjoy what I could enjoy. That’s what I called as fun, even only enjoying a rainy day, listening to the music on my broken lab, and enjoying my tiring day, because happiness comes from my own self. I don’t need to find anywhere, just enjoy what I can enjoy . . . . My real fun (even I have only one day Holiday on my Lebaran celebration 😛 ). Whatever it is, let’s show our best smile. 🙂

enjoy what you can enjoy

enjoy what you can enjoy


~ by owbertku on September 10, 2009.

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