Ok, enough I need a better life,

I was alone this Saturday night, just having broadcast with my partner and after that watching “Blind Dating” even that movie was not really good. And this morning I had my show at 5, there were some problems came, those all were enough to make me got bad-tempered. After having not a really good mood, I decided to send -my special one- later I will write it MS. I can not write to clear about MS, I just want to express it by these words.

I don’t know who is the devil,

is that me that always make you happy?

is that the girl who call you husband,

or they, the two children who call you dad,

or you that call me Love.

If love is heaven,

why does love hurt me, or sometime hurt her,

or usually hurt them.

or you say it always hurt you by the confusion you have.

So how I pretend that love is heaven,

while my smiles and yours become their cries.

how I pretend that it makes me life

while when you should stand as who you are I should cry,

okay, the holy love of you , your marriage couple and your two heritages

are the things that should be ever-lasting , , ,

and I don’t to be apart of your sin . . .

go away from me,

go ahead with them ,

because I need a better life,

by Your Help, Lord .


~ by owbertku on October 4, 2009.

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